Print Size  (maximum)

Our state-of-the-art printer can make prints up to a maximum size of 44 inches by 25 feet.


Print Size  (effective)

Since most of us lack the space, budget and desire for 25 foot prints, the effective limits on print sizes are two:  wall space and aspect ratio.  Everyone understands thier own wall space situation, but the reality of print aspect ratio deserves a more detailed consideration.

Print aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is simply the relationship of an image's height to its width.  A square print (height = width) has an aspect ratio of 1:1, or 100%.  Other familiar aspect ratios include 5x7 (71.4%), 8x10 (80%), 11x14 (78.6%), 16x20 (80%), 20x24 (83.3%) and 20x30 (66.7%),

 While we don't often think about this, then, it's aspect ratio -- not wall space -- which dictates the available print sizes for any given image.  You can't, for example, make a rectangular (say, 11x14 or 16x20) print from a square or a panoramic image, and you can't make a square print from a rectangular image without significantly cropping out (cutting off) part of the content.



Unlike some photographers, I do not try  to capture my images to fit neatly into "standard" frame sizes, and I will not crop them in the printing process.  I put a great deal deal of effort into the visual balance and precise framing of my images, and I allow the scene in front of me -- not a standard frame size -- to dictate the ideal aspect ratio for any given image.

To the left is a sample of one recent image as I captured it.




To the right is a version of that same image cropped to fit into a standard 20 x 24" frame.

It's clear that cropping the full original image into another aspect ratio has destroyed the balance and overall quality of the picture on the right.

 There are three consequences for you, the viewer, resulting from this insistence on my part for artistic quality over framing convenience:

  1. The shopping cart on this site is necessarily going to present many more options than similar sites where the photographer has chosen to fit all of their work into a few standard aspect ratios.
  2. There is a good chance that prints purchased here will require custom framing.
  3. You can be confident that the print you have just framed is a pure reflection of the artist's decision as to how best to capture the scene in front of them, not an effort to present that scene in the cheapest possible frame.










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