Paul Hundley buys a Gigapan imaging device (December, 2013)

Based on the overwhelming feedback from the first Gigapan image of Erin Hills (October, 2012) created with rented equipment, Paul purchased his own Gigapan extreme-definition panoramic device at the end of 2013. Watch this site and for additional Gigapan images in 2014, and we invite you to explore that original Gigapan image in detail.

Erin Hills the subject of Paul Hundley's blog post on 10/09/2013:

"Erin Hills Intercollegiate Tournament – Day 3 photos"

Erin Hills the subject of Paul Hundley's blog post on 10/08/2013:

"Erin Hills Intercollegiate Tournament – Day 1 photos"

Erin Hills the subject of Paul Hundley's blog post on 10/04/2013:

"AHHHH!  The light in Fall."

Erin Hills the subject of Paul Hundley's blog post on 09/20/2013:

"September 6 at Erin Hills"

Boom Lift Shoot - 2012



In late August and early September we brought in a 60 foot boom lift for 14 days to capture some of the most dramatic views ever seen of Erin Hills. It was so successful that we are considering another boom lift shoot for 2014 or 2015. Details will be provided as they become available. 

An Erin Hills Gigapan panoramic - 2012

One of the projects tackled during the boom lift sessions was the creation of an extremely high resolution panoramic image utilizing special equipment which captures hundreds of images and then stitches them together via software into a single seamless extremely hi-resolution file.  In this case the final file is 14.5GB in size and was created from nearly 400 individual images.  We invite you to explore that Gigapan image in detail.  See if you can find (without using the snapshots) the abandoned golf ball in the fescue grasses to the right of the foreground green.

Hurricane Issac - 2012

A complicating factor during 2012's boom lift shoot was the remains of hurricane Issac which drifted up the Mississippi River Valley and settled over Illinois and the southern third of Wisconsin bringing with it two and a half days of near-solid overcast.  The photo on the left was taken about 10PM on the night the storm front first arrived - with wind gusts up to 60 MPH in addition to the lightning.  The photograph was taken from the front porch of the Ballybunion cabin, one of three four bedroom cabins on site.  The Lodge is visible in the left center and the lighted stairway which climbs the hill from the Lodge and golf course to the Village Square runs along the bottom of the photo.

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